Wednesday, February 24, 2010

We don't like school, in a week we go once

I can't stop listening to "Tricky - Council Estate" recently:)

What I'm wearing:
boots - Rocket Dog (bought from Winners), socks - Ardene's, patterned tights - Sirens, dress - H&M, belt - Sirens, scarf - 

I feel like it's hard to pull off knee high socks when the tops of your legs show without looking too "working girl." lol Do you think I pulled it off? 

Monday, February 22, 2010

Blizzard Monday

Over the weekend it was starting to look like spring... this morning it was a blizzard. How dare the weather get my hopes up! :P I looked like an idiot walking to the bus stop this morning flailing my arms to keep from falling over every few steps because there was a layer of snow on top of the sidewalk/patches of black ice. Every step was a surprise.

What I'm wearing:
tank top - Forever 21, halter top - Costa Blanca, necklace - American Eagle, jeans - Guess, sweater - Ginger G. (bought from Winners)

This week is definitely going to be a tough one, I have 2 essays for Functional Foods (I haven't written a proper essay since high school :P), a crazy biochem midterm next monday as well as a Food processing assignment, and various other tasks for my volunteer positions to complete. ugh.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sushi date with the girls

I actually haven't worn this skirt until today because I always felt like this pencil skirt was too fancy looking for everyday, unless you work in an office. But I shortened it a bit and now it seems much more wearable. 

What I'm wearing: 
boots - Rocket Dog, top - Forever21, bag - Chinese Laundry, scarf - Nakimuli (on, skirt - Costa Blanca (altered)
Unfortunately, it's still too chilly outside to wear just this light jacket :( I still need a winter coat for this weather. 
For supper I went out for all-you-can-eat sushi with a few friends. Suffice to say, I got my money's worth! lol It was so delicious I can't wait to go back. 

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

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I made my first purchase from! BeyondTheRack is a sample sale website like TheOutnet, GiltGroup, and Hautelook where designer items are sold for 50%-80% off the retail price. What I like about BeyondTheRack is that the shipping costs to Canada are the lowest from what I've found since they have a warehouse in Quebec and the prices on their website are listed in Canadian dollars. The other sites I've mentioned above are based in the U.S. so they have expensive shipping and duties.

What I bought: Chinese Laundry Large Tote made from PVC
Retail price: $85CAD
What I Paid: $30CAD
Shipping is a flat rate of about $10. Tax is also added at the checkout
Extra Bonus: when you join you automatically get a $10 credit for your first order!

BeyondTheRack items are certified genuine. No fakes! :) 
My order took about two weeks for me to receive it and it was delivered by FedEx. I am really loving this purse, great quality, and it's even textured to look and feel like leather when its just PVC. Can't go wrong for $30!. 
I will definitely be shopping this site again for great deals. Click HERE to join 

Casual Sweaterdress

What I'm wearing:
Boots- Rocket dog (purchased from Winners), Tights- Ardene's, Belt- thrifted, Tank top- Forever21