Saturday, April 10, 2010

The beginnings of my vegetable garden

       Since it was nice and sunny out today I sat outside and filled my seed trays full of soil, planned out the garden, and planted the seeds so they can get a good start indoors. It's still too cold to plant right now, maybe by mid-late May I'll be able to plant. My Dad's always had a really big vegetable garden and ever since I was little I would help out. Now that I have a little apartment with a backyard I can have my own little vegetable patch :). Last year I dug out a place for the garden from the lawn and had a small garden but the weather went from super hot to raining non-stop so it wasn't the best for the plants.
This year I'm planting:
-romaine lettuce
-buttercrunch lettuce
- peas
- green beans
-spaghetti squash
- tomatoes and cherry tomatoes
- various herbs
- bok choy
-swiss chard

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