Monday, April 19, 2010


I bought my first pair of shoes from from the March picks. For those of you that don't know, ShoeDazzle is like an online shoe-of-the-month club owned by Kim Kardashian. When you first join you take a little quiz so the stylists can get to know your style and then they pick out 5 shoes each month for you to choose from. If you don't want to buy a pair that month you just have to pass or you can even buy more than one pair of shoes too. And if you don't like the shoes they pick out for you you can ask for a new selection. 

Price: $39.95USD (same price for all the shoes on the website, even the boots!) 
Shipping: is $10 extra to ship to Canada and they take a little over 2 weeks to arrive. 
In total: 51.00CAD

The shoes come in this nice box and you get a little travel bag too.

These are the ones I picked:

One problem I found with them is that the heel is REALLY slippery on floors but the rest of the sole is super grippy rubber. Kind of an interesting combo... but I'm the heel will be better once I where them more and the heel gets scratched up a little.

I got them in a size 9 since the only half size they don't have is a 9.5 (grrr). So they were a little too tight when I tried them on. But I did the ol' fill the shoes with baggies of water then pop in the freezer overnight. Worked like a charm, they fit quite nicely now. Also, since they're made of all synthetic materials they kinda make my feet sweat which is unfortunate.
So overall, I probably will order again from ShoeDazzle if there's a pair I really want. The quality is decent. I have better quality shoes than these in my closet but the ShoeDazzles are worth the price you pay. 

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The Petite Blogger said...

cute! i have a similar pair of flats like these ones! love the studs details!

xoxo jenna