Sunday, May 23, 2010

Oh Sweet Wonderful You

What I'm wearing:
Vest - thrifted Jacob, Dress - Suzy Shier, Sandals - American Eagle, Belt - thrifted 

My boyfriend and I took a little drive on the country roads just outside of the city for something to do today. He was my wonderful photographer as always :) We really miss living back in our little hometown in Northern Ontario you don't have to drive to just get away from everyone. I have one year left in my undergrad but I am soo over Guelph. No idea what I'll do when I graduate though lol. For now I'm STILL searching for a summer job to support my clothes addiction. 
Anyway, I just got this dress yesterday and I love it!! It's so soft and bright-coloured :) and you gotta love ruffles! 



magpie said...

I love your dress! I already said this on chictopia...but it really is adorable. So summery!! I love your vest,tooo.

libys11 said...

that is such a cute dress!!! great photos!! :D

you have a lovely blog here, im glad i stumbled upon it :D

Diana said...

you are so good looking! so sweet dress.

i'm a follower.nice blog